The Queen's Corgi

A dull animation - 3/10

by The Movie Inspector

A dull animation, The Queen’s Corgi works with a tedious narrative that seeks to entertain with dry humor and terrible jokes. It struggles to brighten up the mood and create a coherent plot development, that it ends up producing a totally uninspired movie.


First of all, I don’t really understand how this is supposed to be a children’s movie as the majority of the jokes are totally inappropriate and the themes don’t quite fit in such a story. The dull and grim mood that persists throughout the entirety of the runtime only made it all the more boring. Also, I think this is the first kids animation I’ve ever seen where the voice performances were so somber. ‘The Queen’s Corgi’ follows the Queen’s favorite dog Rex, as he gets lost and finds himself at a dog fight club, desperately trying to get back home.

As strange as that sounds, it’s quite true and I really have no clue what the people behind this film were thinking while developing it. Anyway, the movie kicks off with a long and boring montage that lazily sets up the story. Soon after we are introduced to the Corgis who are so terribly voiced that they ruin every scene they are in. The whole forced humor and unlikely scenarios didn’t work at all and I cringed so hard throughout the movie. Perhaps the only interesting thing about this movie were two characters in those fight club scenes. 

The movie’s dark themes and political messages (you read that correctly) aren’t suitable for kids whatsoever and will only have the adult audience roll their eyes over and over. The simplistic narrative felt like a half baked idea put into development. This movie tries to be many things it can’t be and that’s why it fails so miserably. All in all, I really don’t know who this movie is targeted for and I think it doesn’t even know that. Not even the cute dogs could help make this movie bearable and well it’s just another forgettable flick.

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