J.T. LeRoy

Light and fun! - 7/10

by The Movie Inspector

An enjoyable biographical drama, JT LeRoy presents its absurd yet striking story in a very smooth manner. Great performances and an intriguing narrative make this a must-see indie film that’s deeper than what it appears to be on the surface

I didn’t really know what to expect right before watching this movie and by the time it started, I was instantly pulled into its world, and had me constantly interested to see all the possibilities that could unfold for its main characters. Laura Dern and Kristin Stewart’s great performances add so much to the story, they also  shared great chemistry and were simply a delight to watch onscreen. ‘JT LeRoy’ follows Laura, a writer who enlists her sister-in-law to take up the role of JT LeRoy, her made up literary persona. 

The movie kicks off rather quickly, perhaps too quickly for its own good as some details may seem confusing at first. However, that is made up for and it finds the right pacing to create a smooth viewing experience. This true story  takes some liberties with fictionalizing some plot points for the sake of dramatization, yet always knows how to keep one’s interest. I was taken by how this whole hoax played out and exactly how far the two women went to maintain the lie. Through it all, we as viewers are able to sympathize with both these women and understand their motivations, and that certainly made the story more emotional while still having lots of comedic moments.

I thoroughly enjoyed the performances in this film and thought that most characters were well written. However, I did feel that certain characters lacked the proper depth and that created a gap in their arc. These characters could’ve benefited from some more insight to further expand on their motivations. Lots of strong messages are present on this film and mainly revolve around the morality of the whole situation and that was handled really well. At the end of the day, this is a light and fun indie flick that may not be for everyone but is surely worth watching if you’re up for it.

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