Spider-Man: Far from Home

Definitely in my top 5 MCU movies - 8.5/10

by Marc Kabbouche - The Movie Review Leb

The storyline is perfectly structured. I really enjoyed Peter "inheriting" some of Tony's demeanor and attitude. Holland embodies a perfect Spidey: awkward, geeky and funny. Mysterio is one of my favorite Spider-man villains, and unlike the trailer, his portrayal is exactly what I wanted to be. Zendaya brings us a different version of MJ than what we're used to, and really pulls it off.

The movie's mid-credit scene is by far the best one the MCU brought us, as a new fan-favorite character is introduced. The second post-credit scene ruined the whole movie for me and made me kind of despise it...

In a way, the movie would've been perfect, if the last three minutes weren't there.

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