A bland action film - 2/10

by The Movie Inspector

A bland action film, Crawl relies on a million lazy plot devices to create all sorts of convenient results to aid its utterly dull narrative. It manages to defy logic with almost every decision taken while having some of the most terrible lines spoken in film this year!


Another day, another disaster, another When a movie’s only goal is to make money it instantly loses a lot of its potential because it becomes a passionless project. This movie for example cared for absolutely nothing in its production, starting with its godawful script to its overly convenient action scenes, terrible characters and own continuity! Heck even the CGI was awful. However, I praise the movie for being so laughably bad, at least I could enjoy that aspect of it. ‘Crawl’ follows a woman who attempts to rescue her father from a dangerous hurricane only to find herself trapped in a flooding house with numerous alligators. 

The film is relatively short with a mere 87 minute runtime yet still manages to waste a considerable amount of it doing just about nothing. I wouldn’t even call that a buildup as the information we are receiving is nothing that could possibly aid the story. The first act attempts to establish our main character’s relevance yet fails at that too. After a long wait, the action begins and oh how it makes things even worse. Over here the film starts defying logic. It works against its own premise in so many ways and creates utterly impossible scenarios. For me it’s really clear, this is a purely brainless popcorn flick that has nothing to do with actual storytelling, it only cares about the profits.

The lines delivered in this film are either irrelevant or plain dumb. The father-daughter relationship and struggle is just forced in and well you couldn’t care less about them. However, the worst part of this awful film was the climax. Oh boy, that climax was all over the place, turned everything upside down and bursts through all the mess it created while I couldn’t help but burst into laughter. At the end of the day, there’s no surprise here, big studios seem to love producing these brainless monster movies but they’d be dreaming if they every thought they could possibly match the greatness of movies such as ‘Jaws’ or ‘Jurassic Park’ because they’re far far from it!

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