I'll Take Your Dead

An awful moviegoing experience! - 2/10

by The Movie Inspector

An empty thriller, I’ll Take Your Dead is without a doubt one of the most boring films of the year and has about nothing to offer. A nonexistent story along with some terrible acting and direction end up creating nothing but an awful moviegoing experience.

First of all, despite the movie being listed as a horror film, trust me when I say nothing in the movie points to that. I have a hard time calling this a “movie” because it feels more like a lengthy home video that a few friends decided to shoot on a low budget. I’ll have to credit the movie for one thing and that’s providing viewers with a good laugh. Some scenes made me burst into laughter due to how excessively ridiculous they were. ‘I’ll take your dead’ follows a farmer, who makes a living by disposing of bodies as he receives the body of a young woman who is still alive and has to deal with the situation.

Let’s see, we have some terrible performances from the cast and that includes a whole lot of overreacting. Some scenes are truly so funny that you could mistaken this for a comedy. Then there’s the terrible lines they deliver and about zero motivation towards the characters. Next up there’s the story that seems to be leading nowhere and literally begins by setting up a certain major plot point only to be completely ignored halfway through the runtime. The character exchanges feel utterly dry and the performances are either robotic or overdone. I don’t think anyone took the production of this “movie” seriously as everything was handled so carelessly.

Guess what, they also try forcing in feministic messages, need I say more? Everything else that happens is either useless or dull. I wish any character decision made sense, I wish the whole story made a tiny bit of sense but nothing like that happens. It truly baffles me that someone would actually describe this as a horror movie. I almost forgot, there is one major fact that is present all throughout the movie that serves as an essential point yet is never even explained to the viewers and leaves one completely wondering the meaning of the whole story!

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