Child's Play

Chucky is back! - 6/10

by The Movie Inspector

A decent slasher film, Child’s Play is an entertaining reboot of the 1988 cult classic that proves to have something new to offer. It manages to highlight the threat of the menacing serial killer doll despite working with a lackluster script that fails to elevate the movie.

Chucky is Back and he makes one thing clear, he’s here to stay. Watching this movie, I never felt bored throughout the runtime but rather intrigued by the unfolding events. However, some dullness and strange character interactions do take the spotlight at certain times. The biggest issue is the script that lacks vibrance and prefers repetitiveness. The good thing about this reboot is the fresh turn it decides to take. ‘Child’s Play’ follows a 13 year old boy who receives a toy doll for his birthday, only to realize it has evil intentions.

The movie does a good job setting up its story with a clear premise but has lots of dull moments in the first act, that made it feel prolonged. However, as soon as chucky is with his new owner/buddi things get creepy and interesting. The great thing about this movie is that it fully highlights how chucky came to be the evil doll that he is, we witness how he slowly grows into the infamous serial killer. He proved to be a menacing character and was enjoyable to watch despite his godawful new look. The cast also did a good job at maintaining the mood, especially Mark Hamill who voiced Chucky. 

Though most the actors did a good job, the characters just weren’t that interesting as the story and their interactions proved to be dry. Some decisions made no sense and kind of contradicted previous ones. The real mess though was the climax as all sorts of chaos was unfolding in the narrative, and not in a good way. However, despite all this it does quite a good job all throughout and provides enough gore and violence to satisfy fans, despite the failed humor. I think horror buffs should definitely give this movie a shot.


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