An engaging comedy - 8/10

by The Movie Inspector

An engaging comedy, Booksmart is a movie that knows exactly what it wishes to be and therefore delivers on all its promises. It has a whole lot of laughs and heart to keep you invested and emotionally attached to the characters all throughout its runtime. 


This coming-of-age movie sure knows how to entertain its audience as it works with a very suitable narrative. It may not be the most original comedy out there but it sure gets the job done. Actress-turned-director Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut hits almost all the right notes and seeks to attract viewers with all the compassion within the story. What Wilde does, is provide authenticity within her frame while tackling various issues that modern day high schoolers face. ‘Booksmart’ follows a pair of best friends who seek to have some fun on the eve of their high school graduation, after having spent all their time focused on their studies.

A stylish first act introduces us to our main characters, their daily routines and school atmosphere, providing us with enough background information to understand the characters even better. The chemistry shared between kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein is undoubtedly apparent and most of the cast delivered some great performances. I truly enjoyed following these characters as they got themselves into trouble because most of it was truly funny. The reason behind this is its authenticity and simplicity, its never far fetched and always delivers on the reality of the situation. It also feels like a relatable film overall.

From start to finish, one feels emotionally attached to the main characters due to how well developed they are, and you can’t help but feel moved by the climax. Being the grounded movie that it is, it delivered its material in a raw and funny manner yet had some dullness here & there. However, I do believe that sometimes it served the story well. To top it off, the movie is paired with a cool soundtrack that perfectly suits the whole mood. This movie may not be for everyone but I’m sure that many will enjoy what it has to offer. 

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