Men in Black: International

A ridiculous film that should’ve never been made - 3/10

by The Movie Inspector

A ridiculous sci-fi film, Men In Black: International fails at creating a sense of coherency, depth and intrigue within its uninspired narrative. However, the painfully forced comedy and whole feminist approach were what truly denied this film from serving some entertainment.


Silly, would be the best word to use when describing this film which doesn’t seem to care about its characters, plot or structure. The film serves as a sequel/spin-off of sorts to the Men In Black films and lacks what all previous three movies had, entertainment and heart! It’s the dullness that persists and drags down nearly everything throughout the excessive 2 hour runtime. ‘Men In Black: International’ follows the Men In Black who are about the face their biggest threat only to realize that there may be a mole in their organization.

Ok so we kickoff with an opening scene that doesn’t do much explaining and throughout the entirety of the first act we are introduced to our lead characters in a messy manner. The movie’s story is literally forced in because there’s no other way it could work and it throws its lead characters into ridiculous situations without providing any insight. The lazy writing takes center stage and only proves to be something completely uninspired. The plot, being terribly predictable also presents an antagonist who has no motivation. Tessa Thompson’s Agent M and Chris Hemsworth’s Agent H have absolutely zero chemistry and their characters are quite two dimensional. Worst of all, they try so hard with jokes that fall completely flat. 

Lately there have been many Hollywood remakes/spin-offs of big movies that seek to have female leads in response to this issue of gender inequality in the film industry. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that but this movie literally throws in every gender cliche and takes an extreme feminist approach that nothing flows easily. I mean M’s story arc made her this overly qualified Agent without any form of justification. The lines were ridiculous and It’s really hard to sit through all the cringe-worthy moments and take them seriously. I honestly don’t believe such an approach should come at the cost of decent storytelling. I walked out of the theatre wishing I’d gotten neuralayzed after the mess I witnessed!

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