Terribly predictable and ridiculous! - 3/10

by The Movie Inspector

An underwhelming horror film, Ma works with a terribly predictable story that instantly denies any suspense or intrigue. What unfolds is a dull narrative that delivers lame and ridiculous plot decisions that only highlight the lazy writing. 


Ok so here’s the thing, this movie definitely has an interesting premise but was unfortunately doomed by a terrible script. I absolutely couldn’t enjoy it because it literally gave out the whole plot within the first ten minutes. I mean what’s there to surprise or entertain you? To add to this, it kicks off with a dull opening scene and remains utterly boring up until the turning point. I don’t even know if this was meant to be a horror film as it’s more laughable than scary. ‘Ma’ follows a lonely woman who befriends a bunch of teenagers and lets them party at her house without them having knowledge of her true intentions.

I have to acknowledge Octavia Spencer’s good performance as that was probably the highlight of the film. Other than that, there’s some bad acting from the cast members but I really wouldn’t blame them as the lines they were delivering were truly absurd. The godawful script ruins almost every single moment in the movie. It truly baffles me that this level of predictability and obviousness was accepted through the whole production. You know what type of story it’s trying to tell but it fails at it from the very beginning. 

The character of Sue Ann/Ma is undoubtedly creepy but she doesn’t pose as a threat until the very end, when I believe it’s too late. Again, leaving no mystery into her character didn’t help at all. The turning point in the movie had quite a few immensely disturbing scenes that finally provided some horror yet they were too brief to make up for the mess that came before. At the end of the day, this movie won’t be a memorable one due to its utterly poor execution and its a shame that it wasted everything it had to work with.

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