An exceptional biopic! - 8/10

by The Movie Inspector

An exceptional biopic, Rocketman is an insightful look into the life of the extraordinary Elton John that highlights his road to success and all the challenges that came with it. What truly makes this film standout is its clear and rich narrative, and Egerton’s spectacular performance

Elton John is undoubtedly one of the music industry’s biggest names, having been on the scene for the past 50 years and delivering a number of worldwide hits. This biopic had the huge responsibility of translating all that to the big screen, and oh how it manages to do so! From the very beginning of the movie it provides us with depth into the early life and upbringing of the popstar, and how those years shaped up his character yet created a form of struggle for him that would prove to take a toll on his future career. What this film also benefits from is a clear and organized structure that delivers a very smooth narrative. ‘Rocketman’ follows Elton John through his lengthy career, from a talented young kid to famed international popstar.

What really struck me in this biopic is how it focuses on the struggles that Elton had to face for a long time, be it from his homosexuality, lack of parental love and support, substance abuse or the difficultly to form a connection. We as viewers are provided with a vivid detailing of all these and it allows us to create an emotional bond with him. We truly witness all the pain behind his fame and follow him through his journey. However, it is also Taron Egerton who brings so much to this role. He truly embodies this icon and manages to hit every note with his acting. Even Bryce Dallas Howard delivers a great performance as Elton John’s Mom. The production and costume design were pretty impressive and helped set the mood. 

This movie also delivers some very important messages and emphasizes on the importance of always staying true to yourself, as creating a facade will lead to nothing but pain and trouble. We view Elton dodging his personal issues and how that lead to his self-destruction. The inclusion of the rehab meetings all throughout the film was just brilliant and helped with the storytelling. Additionally, almost all the songs were inserted at the perfect moment and helped us understand his state of mind at that time. I truly enjoyed this movie and think it’s one of the best biopics in recent years. I also think it’s gonna be a top contender during this year’s awards season.

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