A vivid remake! - 7/10

by The Movie Inspector

An enjoyable adventure film, Aladdin is a vivid remake of the 1992 Disney classic that also manages to pay great tribute to it. While it stumbles across a few flaws, it does manage to deliver great entertainment that’s suitable for all types of viewers.

Walking out of the cinema, I could only think about how much fun I had watching this movie despite it’s clear flaws, and I do think that it’s entertainment level overshadows them. First off, when Will Smith was cast as Genie, not everyone was on board with that decision and many thought that he was unfit to fill the late Robin Williams’ shoes. However, he did a remarkable job as genie and honestly carried the movie from the moment he popped on screen. He honors Williams’ legacy while delivering a performance that He’d surely approve of Had he been alive today. ‘Aladdin’ follows an underprivileged young man who finds a magic lamp that has the ability to grant him three of his deepest wishes. 

For the most part, the movie follows the original story, making minor changes here and there and that isn’t really an issue as you’re taken away by the magical atmosphere. However, I think it started off with a rather weak first act that didn’t provide much clarity or intrigue. Aesthetically, the movie is beautiful! The lavish production design, costumes & Makeup and stunning Jordanian landscape. I think they perfectly captured the city of Agrabah. The songs and choreography were another highlight in the film and truly set a beautiful atmosphere that avoids any boredom. 

The first act rushed through things but managed to find a suitable pacing right after. A few forced lines and dull character exchanges were present through the narrative but was always saved by The ever so comedic Genie. Jaafar on the other hand was quite underwhelming, being both miscast and nowhere near menacing. The animal characters such as Abu, Iago and Raja totally stole the show with their funny moments. Oh and not to forget that magic carpet! I have no doubt that lots of people will be pleased with this movie and it’s also one that suits all members of a family. It’s definitely a must-see, so make sure to watch it this week and let me know what you think!


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