John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

A Pure Brutal Ride, in the Form of Yet Another Entertaining Experience. - 8/10

by Popcult Productions


JOHN WICK is back!! But this time with a $14 million price tag on his head, John Wick Chapter 3 follows the super-assassin while he’s on the run after killing a member of the international assassin’s guild, making him the target of hit men and women everywhere. The first two adrenaline-fueled installments of the action franchise were some of the most glorious accomplishments in #action cinema lately, and after seeing Parabellum we can definitely say that this was a brutal non-stop entertaining ride that comes off as a great addition to the franchise. Now we personally are huge action fans, so this movie was definitely crafted for moviegoers like ourselves, but what makes the John Wick movies so great is the realistic feel of the action. Previously, we did it talk in our posts about what we look for in action movies, and coming back to that, we like to see all the action taking place in camera and in frame allowing the #audience to look the actor in the face while he’s kicking ass, not to mention the R- Rated ticket that makes the action 10 times more intense-#brutal pleasing all action geeks out there! In this case, with Keanu Reeves performing his own stunts and being one of the most dedicated-talented actors in hollywood, John Wick does its part in this aspect so well that it blows our expectations out of the water with installment after another. Unlike, other movies that tend to replace their actors with stunt doubles making their action feel grounded and uninventive, although it does work in some cases but it’ll definitely steal the realism and originality in their sequences. As for the story, the first John Wick movie did have a huge investment in story with a powerful emotional drive allowing the plot to be more informative than just action lead, while the second one backed down a bit in that aspect and made for it in terms of action, in this case with Parabellum we did get a fair share of both, the story starts of John Being on the run but it doesn’t take too much to find its purpose, the plot follows John in his journey of survival and the way he acts in each situation thrown at him allowing the audience to experience 2 hours of epicness packed with mind blowing choreographed action, humorous scenes, and interesting twists. In addition, all the sets designed for the action made it feel more like a dance allowing the stunt team to pull of Jaw-dropping creative action in each sequence. The world building that Chapter 3 does with its story is the most effective one yet in the trilogy, this fictional tale feels more like a comicbook world full of interesting figures that run by their own rules, making space for more captivating characters to join in in the future! Now speaking of new faces, Halle Berry did an awesome job with her character and delivered a compelling performance given in the screentime she was offered, would’ve liked to see more of her on screen as each scene featuring her character was vastly entertaining taking into consideration her chemistry with the Great Keanu, and the fact that she did contribute to the main story of the film.
As for the issues in the film, we didn’t struggle with any main complications in this flick, although we do understand if you found the action sequences quite lengthy, but for us we wouldn’t mind watching Keanu Reeves beating people up all day, it’s obvious that this movie is for hardcore action lovers and going in you have to expect some long bloody action takes with a lot of guns! Plus, we did find ourselves a bit “bored” due to some pacing issues in the mid runtime of the movie but the kick off in the third act did make for it in terms of action and the choices that John takes storywise. Whatever comes next in this franchise we are definitely in on it and we’re always interested in any film starring Keanu Reeves, the guy’s a legend!

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