John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

A simultaneously sweet and sour ride! - 5/10

by SardonicA

One man..Zero protection..$14 million reward and the world's most barbaric killers on a designated mission!

The story was there, I mean this would've been epic but it was somehow a turn off. Execution went off the rails repeatedly which detached the viewers from the intense overall vibes.

I'll put this in the simplest form possible:

Looking on the greener side of things...

》 Story had enough potential to strike hard.

》 Graphics were astonishing & paralyzing.

》 Halle Berry & The badass dogs (my fav)!

》 Sound Design was wickedly smashing.

》 Flooding with blood-pumping thrills.

And now off to the smokey part...

¤ Slow paced and overly crowded.

¤ Stunts were ridiculous & poorly performed.

¤ Comedy was shoved down our throats.

¤ Script was the major downfall up in here.

¤ Acting fell flat - "Fake..Staged..& Soulless".

There were tons of mixed reviews for "John Wick 3" so my review shouldn't stop you from giving it a shot. Grab your tickets tomorrow and get back to me...I'll be waiting, little devils!

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