The Sun Is Also a Star

An Irie, but a Flawed Romantic Flick - 6/10

by Popcult Productions


The Sun Is Also a Star is a movie based on the novel by Nicola Yoon. It's about two young adults, Natasha and Daniel. Natasha is a girl who only believes in science while Daniel is a guy of poetry and destiny. They cross paths in New York city accidently both with very full plates for Natasha is being deported back to Jamaica and Daniel has an important interview. To sum up, the message behind it is how a lot of things can happen in a single day and how one thing leads to another as it talks about the 'Butterfly Effect.'
To begin with, the director Russo-Young, the producers( special shoutout to Tracy Oliver) have done a great job in making the atmosphere of the movie one that grabs the viewer's attention and gives that sense of deepness. The art and the music department in this movie, however, stole our heart. The movie is beautifully filmed and the cinematography is brilliant, everything is very coordinated and eye-pleasing due to its artistic nature. And what really enhanced this experience was the music for it was perfect for the setting and atmosphere. The problem, however, was with the plot. The characters were brought to life by Yara Shahidi( Natasha) and Charles Melton(Daniel) who both individually have done have done a great job, by the way, but failed to do so as a team. The plot urged chemistry between the two characters, but Shahidi and Melton weren't able to deliver that and at certain points his performance outweighed hers which was a huge disappointment considering that all of the scenes are of them together. To be fair, the idea behind the movie is very interesting and deep but at certain points some things were unbelievable and it is quite controversial for people tend to view things differently. Not to mention, that a lot of people were disappointed with the ending( ourselves included) and especially those who have read the book. To sum up, the cast snd crew has done a great job on 'The Sun Is Also a Star', but it was still disappointing and for some really boring.


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