Godzilla: King of the Monsters

An ultimately groundbreaking RAWR! - 6/10

by SardonicA

So I'll be frank with you guys here.. I went in with neutral expectations simply because science fiction is not exactly my cup of tea.. I take my shots bitter..darker..and freaking twisted! *just saying*

Moving on, cast was good in general but to me they weren't really memorable. None of them crawled up into my brain and struck those nerves hard. Script was the major downfall! It felt as if I was a 10-year-old girl and they're teaching me basic survival skills. Comedy insertion fit perfectly a couple of times but the rest felt utterly imposed and detaching. Runtime was quite long but I'll let this one slip because they needed to thoroughly explain the story.

Now for the good part, CGI was shockingly impressive. It is a movie about dinosaurs so I expected below average imagery which was not the case. They were detailed, flawlessly colored and just mesmerizing. Soundtracks and heavy effects were spot on and enough to keep us pinned to the screen. You'll feel every roar run through your spine and strike every cell until it is paralyzed. ;)

Narration was systematically right, action packed and thrilling. Ending was smooth and just how things should be wrapped up.

Godzilla had several flaws but it was enjoyable nonetheless. A no-brainer chill kind of movie. Sci-fi freaks this is a ride you'll definitely get high on! So book your seats today and allow that gigantic lizard to pound those eardrums!


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