Triple E: Exuberant.. Enticing.. & Evocative - 8.5/10

by SardonicA

There was almost no grey areas in that, Genie!

Aladdin's remake will certainly get you all pumped up and euphoric. It was straight up authentic, charming and strongly emotional.

I've always admired Will Smith for his light attitude and fun approach which were quite evident in this one! He was mesmerizing, funny and lovable.. in other words he was the life of the party! Naomi Scott nailed her part as Jasmine, apart from that lovely performance.. She possesses an electrifying voice! Talk about goosebumps all over.. Mena Massoud was the ideal candidate for Aladdin bacause of his dynamic and charismatic personality! Marwan Kenzari, on the other hand, was such a turn off! He was the worst with his part as Jaafar, because he doesn't acquire a true villain's personality nor looks! He has that "I'm incredibly stupid" kind of look in addition to his cheesy and overly dramatized character adaptation.

Storyline went by so smoothly and effortlessly yet so fired up with theatrical choreography, original soundtracks and therapeutic humor. CGI was not at its strongest, I admit that, but it didn't affect the overall experience. Color fixation and costumes were just amazing.

Disney did a marvellous job with this one!

Aladdin is one of the best movies I've seen recently and this is coming from someone who is pretty harsh on movies.

Stop reading, damn it! Drop those cellphones and book your seats TODAY because this is a movie that you wouldn't want to miss!

Highly Recommended...

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