Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

A Stylish Animation with Good Storytelling - 8.5/10

by Popcult Productions


Okay we know it’s late but we can’t let this movie pass by without a rating. This is a GREAT movie. We finally got the Spiderman movie we deserve it’s just amazing to see a good version of spiderman in such an unexpected way! So, it’s very clear that the people behind this movie knew what they were doing, they fully understand the idea of spiderman and what he’s all about. Miles Morales is represented in a very different way than peter parker and at the same time they’re both very connected in the movie. The storytelling in the movie is a vast improvement from some previous spiderman movies, it portrays miles as a normal not so perfect kid trying to figure out his life until he gets his powers and how he rises up to adapt with that in a very unique way leaving the audience caring about him. Which showcases the idea of “anyone being able to wear the mask” in a very exceptional way paying tribute to STAN LEE the legend behind all of it. One the best things about this movie is Miles taking his time to understand his powers and the responsibilities he’s bound to. The movie also heavily relys on humor to introduce the backstories of the other versions of the character and doesn’t come off in the usual way!
The incarnation of Peter Parker and Miles, both dealing with so much in their lives but always being able to pull themselves outof it is very special in the movie.
The animation in this movie is spectacular, they made good use of very effective techniques to narrate the story which provides a very comicbooky look for the movie.
As for the villian, Wilson Fisk lacked a lot in his storyline and had so much potential but his character was underdeveloped and wasted due to the main focus of the movie which is one on the main characters. If they just took some time in exploring his backstory more it wouldn’t have gone wrong.
The music in the movie is pretty good, it’s got a great soundtrack which surely enhances the experience along with the beautifully well crafted action sequences.

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