Green Book

An Emotional Orchestral Symphony of Acceptance - 9/10

by Popcult Productions

The year’s best picture is “GREEN BOOK.” This is a movie that handles it’s subject in a very unique way. We rarely see a movie that discusses a very essential topic but with a more rely on comedy and humor. It’s very serious when it wants to be but what makes it different than other similar movies is its lighthearted appeal. It is one that truly moves you and touches your heart.
As a filmmaker you really shouldn’t make such a story go to waste, it’s filled with so much heart and emotion. Plus, the writing of this movie is so on point, you can feel the authenticity of the discussions the characters had as it’s based on a real story and was written by the son of one of the main characters.
The two main characters in the movie Tony Lip and Dr. Donald Shirley were amazing, the discussions, laughs, disagreements they go through along their journey makes you truly connect and care about them. Both performances by Vigo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali were breathtaking and definitely oscar-worthy, they brought so much feel and emotion to their characters.
As for the music of the movie, it was outstanding. It really sets a tone and atmosphere to the scenes. When a movie is based on a real story and one of the characters plays a paino, there’s always a challenge to give more of a realistic feel to the film, but this movie does a good job in making every music-related scene believable to the audience.
For me it is crucial to see more movies like this! It’s never easy to handle such a complex topic and to be able to reach your viewer’s heart. “Green Book” in its core is a movie about friendship, humanity, and accepting one another. You can clearly notice the character development both characters experience throughout the movie. This film is simply a wonderful portrayal of freedom, and the people that we need in our lives. Both characters grow a lot in the movie, and this what people should do, it’s very easy to judge someone but it’s very difficult to look at someone’s heart, to bother yourself and think for a moment what they might be going through. A movie with such a message is a must-watch.

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