A Visually Pleasing Underwater Spectacle - 7.5/10

by Popcult Productions


In the past few years, DC’s movies were more like a hit and miss after Justice League’s underperformance with fans and critics divided over the future of the DCEU.
But with Aquaman, DC fans gained some hope after all. AQUAMAN is a fun thrilling ride, with fascinating visuals and great action sequences (the chase scene) that worked pretty well with the camera work!

James Wan widens the DCEU with a new underwater world to explore some great characters we see for the first time on the big screen. Jason Momoa’s take on Arthur Curry was badass and he kicks ass with a charismatic touch of his own proving he’s worthy of the role. As for Amber Heard, she gives an excellent performance as Queen Mera and her chemistry with Jason was really compelling. Would’ve liked to see more of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s Black Manta as he was a bit underused and his story didn’t really serve the main plot of the movie, but still looking forward to see more of him as Aquaman’s archenemy in the near future.

The writing of this movie was a lot of the time clunky and some of the dialogue sounded too cheesy. Plus, the tone of the movie was super light-hearted and it’s very clear that James Wan tried to make it different than previous movies and drove away from the usual dark tone. A lot of the comedy one-liners didn’t land and were a bit forced.

The score of the movie is pretty good but the use of some pop songs was really buggy, out of place, and should’ve been avoided given that the main theme of the movie is spectacular. Thanks to Rupert Gregson-Williams!

The horror aspect of James Wan was so satisfying and was pretty much clear based on his former experience with the horror genre, pushing the visuals to new a level in this epic underwater opera!
Unfortunately, the final act of the movie was filled with battle scenes that were all over the place and too noisy with too much going on underwater.


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