A Glorious Story that Continues the DCEU’s Successful Trend - 8/10

by Popcult Productions



After the huge success of Aquaman back in December, DC continues its successful trend and expands the DCEU by delivering one hell of a movie. Shazam is huge upgrade from previous DC movies, with its emotional story packed with amazing light-hearted humor and funny jokes. It’s very clear that David F. Sandberg knew what he was doing, when he directed a movie full of heart by giving his audience a tale about friends, family, and struggling to adapt in this world, leaving us much more sympathetic and caring with all the foster family members and especially Billy. The foster family aspect in the film is its heart and soul, all the touching scenes rely on that plot which actually is the strongest suit of the movie. We must say that this movie is super funny, it’s more of a comedy than we expected it to be, but still very balanced in tone and never forgets its main emotional core.
All the cast worked pretty well in the movie and especially Zachary Levi, he really embodied the “Shazam” character and totally acts as kid who’s had a tough life and since he’s gotten his powers he can now do something valuable with them. As for Jack Dylan Grazer he delivers an excellent performance, he’s the hilarious one who highlights the comedy factor and his character never gets annoying in anyway. The chemistry between the 2 actors along with Asher Angel is what makes the humor really work, Asher Angel delivered a fair performance as Billy and so did Mark Strong as Dr. Sivana. But what I thought didn’t work prominently in the movie is its villain, too much was going on in the family storyline which diverted the focus a bit, his story was very rushed and could’ve worked better if it got more screen time and development, and his main inspiration as bad guy in this movie didn’t really work for us. Plus, we never view him as a real threat to Billy and the story makes that clear in the beginning of the film.
If you’re a Comicbook fan, this movie will definitely be a different experience for you, there’s a lot of easter eggs to look for and references to notice. Make sure to keep an eye out for its last scene because,’s pretty damn awesome.


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