Avengers: Endgame

A Powerful and Touching Love Letter to the Fans of the Saga. - 9/10

by Popcult Productions

We have been waiting for “Avengers: Endgame” for a long time and we had a lot of expectations going in. But, We’re telling you this movie will blow your expectations and more! We can’t imagine how difficult it is to wrap such a gigantic story and provide every character arc a satisfying closure. However, The Russo Brothers continue to prove that they’re masterful directors and know exactly what they’re doing. We assure you that this movie is a roller coaster ride that it’ll make you cry, laugh, and cheer throughout the whole experience. The tone of the movie feels a lot darker than Infinity War and it’s so much different in many ways, it clearly focuses on the main avengers and tells the story from their own prespective. In addition, the Russo Brothers heavily shed light on the previous events that inspired the characters in their pasts and provide a conclusion to every single character’s arc through references and incredible easter eggs. Endgame is vastly funnier than #infinitywar and handles some of it’s characters in a way no one could’ve possibly imagined. The Russo Brothers really show us what it truly means to be a hero by delivering a very emotional story that really makes the audience understand the true motives behind every character’s journey from the very beginning. And we have to say that these characters really inspire us in every way possible, and to see them on screen together for a one last time was very difficult and we’re telling that it’ll definitely be the same with every marvel fan out there! As for the cast members they all pull off excellent performances and especially Robert Downey Jr who we can’t help but thank for being the main reason behind the cosmic success of the MCU. In addition, Alan Slivestri’s iconic music boosts the whole experience to its peak and does leave us on the edge of our seats, given his heavy rely on the main avengers theme. And as one of our favorite avengers once said “Part of the journey is the end” this truly is an astounding ending filled with humor, action, and smart twists. So we can definitely say that you’ll be feeling a lot of emotions when the credits roll

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