A Dog's Journey

A forgettable journey that serves no purpose - 4/10

by Movies-Graded

Performances: 2/5
Screenplay: 1/5
Editing: 2/5
Cinematography: 2/5
Score/Soundtrack: 2/5
Entertainment Factor: 3/5
Verdict: Alright, this epidemic of Dog movies needs to be put down.
"A Dog's Journey" is the sequel to 2016's controversial "A Dog's Purpose" and is centered around...well... a dog's journey through different bodies and his understanding of the meaning of his existence.
Sounds familiar? I wouldn't be surprised. It's the exact same premise as its predecessor. The only adjustment being that the dog this time spends the majority of his time with the same owner at different stages of her life. This change did add to the bond between pet and owner, but never to the point where it made the movie an emotional or heartwarming one.
Other than that, the journey was yet another extremely forgettable one that serves absolutely no purpose (see what I did there?). The jokes are painfully unfunny, the script laughably bad, the acting uninspired, and the runtime of 108 minutes felt interminable. I did, however, laugh at certain points in places that weren't meant to be funny, but were so poorly executed that I just couldn't hold my laughter.
I'm aware that "A Dog's Journey" was probably not aimed to please my demographic, and that kids might enjoy it way more than I did. So don't take my word for it and do check it out with your family, especially if you found "A Dog's Purpose" to be entertaining.

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