Long Shot

A decent rom-com - 5/10

by The Movie Inspector

A decent rom-com, Long Shot manages to deliver a few well written jokes but as the plot develops, the narrative becomes absurdly repetitive. The film works with quite an interesting idea but the offbeat pacing kills its entertainment value.

The movie kicks off with an intriguing opening scene that sets the tone for the film yet fools audiences at the same time. One thing it never fails at is providing clarity as it keeps audiences on track from start to finish. However, A problem that this movie clearly faced was dealing with the lack of chemistry between the two leads. This becomes really evident as the movie progresses because they truly can’t create any form of connection with one another, and that ultimately results in dull scenes. ‘Long Shot’ follows a journalist who reunites with his childhood crush, the Secretary of State, and is presented with an unexpected proposition. 

Now, the film is without a doubt long. It’s slow paced and the runtime feels excessive, and it just gets exhausting to watch repetitive scenes one after another. Charlize Theron was charming in her role and Seth Rogen was simply playing himself but the poor execution couldn’t create any tension between the pair. Storywise, it’s really interesting and the first act delivers a promising premise that guarantees a fun time at the cinema, unfortunately that doesn’t really occur. I’d definitely say that the first act was the most enjoyable part of the movie because after that the movie falls for the numerous rom-com cliches. 

The main characters in the movie are also well presented, having enough depth to help explain their motivations. However, almost all the other characters were wasted and had a very forgettable presence due to poor development. Some jokes are terribly repetitive that one begins to question the whole nature of the movie. Now I’m not saying this movie was bad but rather underwhelming. I honestly think it could’ve done a better job at being entertaining if it had a more dynamic duo and better pacing. Go ahead and give it a shot and make sure to send me your feedback!

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