A Vigilante

A weak drama - 3/10

by The Movie Inspector

A weak drama, A Vigilante tackles some really important issues but fails at executing a well structured and coherent narrative. The dull tone that looms over the film denies it from creating any sort of interest to attract viewers and gain their attention.

Now this movie, which presents itself as a character study, has a big problem with setting up its story as it instantly creates confusion and doesn’t really elaborate on any of the material it presents. A Chunk of the screen-time is wasted because it aimlessly follows our lead character on her missions without providing her with any depth or context. So at first it’s really difficult to sympathize with her, but it doesn’t end there as this lasts for over half the runtime, leaving the viewer completely detached. ‘A Vigilante’ follows a mysterious woman who helps domestic abuse victims escape their abusers.

Dealing with an important issue that is domestic abuse, the movie manages to decently portray how survivors cope with their trauma but never really allows you to genuinely feel for them because the film is poorly written and directed. The script is so disjointed that you’ll eventually give up on trying to figure it out, and the non-linear narrative did not serve the purpose whatsoever. The only thing worth praising in this rather lifeless movie is Olivia Wilde’s powerful performance as she truly stands out. It’s always a pity to see such wasted talent just because a film doesn’t know how to utilize its main character. 

Additionally, it is terribly slow paced, I found myself checking my watch multiple times throughout the movie due to the long, exhausting and underwhelming scenes. It’s a 90 minute film that feels endless! It’s only at the turning point in the movie that things get interesting but that doesn’t last for more than a few minutes. I honestly think this movie failed at what it was trying to be due to the lack of attention the whole production received. It was also very poorly shot and quite actually seemed amateurish. 


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