A fuzzy ride to the past! - 6.5/10

by SardonicA

Tim Burton steps up and takes the wheel for the remake of "Dumbo". No need for me to highlight the plot here... He did a great job!

A 2-hour film that takes the audience back in time... back to the good old days. Storyline was wonderfully put together to please viewers especially those little ones. Let's start with the positives, shall we....... ▪︎Graphics were just epic. I mean talk about vivid animation infused with real life action. ▪︎Camerawork was executed properly. ▪︎Danny Devito stood out! I just loved him alongside that edible Dumbo character. ▪︎Comedy was lightly yet beautifully inserted. ▪︎Heartwarming sequence of events filled with passion, empathy, and direct messages. ▪︎ Beautiful ending and spot on soundtracks.

Moving on to the negatives..scroll down: ▪︎Slow paced - scenes were taking too much time. I got detached at some point. ▪︎Colin Farrel was anything but convincing. ▪︎Way too predictable - I know this is a remake but a little bit of mystery or some twists wouldn't hurt!

Nonetheless I enjoyed watching Dumbo, it was a sweet ride to the past! So FLOP those wallets.. book your seats now.. buckle up...and get ready for takeoff! Recommended!

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