Hotel Mumbai

A nerve-wracking piece of work - 8/10

by SardonicA

Based on the paralyzing true story of Hotel Mumbai back in 2008 where ten members of an Islamic terrorist organization carried out a series of shootings/bombings over 4 days.

"Hotel Mumbai" awakened the demons in me for it was so intensely real and mind crippling. A 2-hour film that managed to drag us closer, place a tighter grip on every emotional string, and mercilessly bash our brain cells.

Cast was cleverly chosen, most of which did a really good job but Dev Patel in particular was the highlight of it all. He delivered quite an outstanding performance that warmed our hearts within all that brutality and mayhem. Courage, chivalry, and humanity were strikingly present all thanks to his heartfelt character embodiment. Camera work and soundtracks were of crucial importance for such a story and I have zero complaints here!

Regardless of all the upsetting twists and turns in all what happened back then, this movie will certainly strike your cords in a positive manner!

What the hell are you still waiting for? "Hotel Mumbai" will be released tonight! So grab your tickets now and brace yourselves for a rollercoaster of raw emotions. Highly Recommended!

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