Captain Marvel

An enjoyable superhero movie! - 8/10

by The Movie Inspector

An enjoyable superhero movie, Captain Marvel knows how to balance Its humor along with its action to provide viewers with the perfect mix of fun. It builds on the narrative slowly and transforms into something higher, further and faster, just like its titular character!

As the first female-led superhero film in the MCU, Marvel does a great job at producing a movie that caters to all audiences, while focusing on a powerful character without taking an opposing feminist approach. The movie has quite a compelling story that grabs viewers early on and maintains a dynamic tone that flows smoothly across the runtime. ‘Captain Marvel’ follows Carol Danvers, a former US Air Force fighter pilot’s rise to becoming a hero once earth is threatened by a war between two alien races. 

The movie is truly fun to watch and never allows boredom to exist throughout its 124 minute runtime. With great performances and an undeniable charm, it has the power to attain your complete attention. Brie Larson does a decent job at portraying Carol Danvers yet it is Nick Fury’s unexpected chemistry with a cat named Goose that steals the show and elevates the comedy in the film. The 90’s setting also felt authentic with some great and hilarious references to the era. I also loved all the misleading jokes and situations as they constantly had us second guessing their meaning. 

Now even though the movie does a great job as a whole, there are some issues, the biggest one being its first act. Now as soon as the movie begins it picks off in a rather unconventional way that creates some confusion due to its lack of structure and inability to properly set up its plot. However, that confusion doesn’t last long as things get clearer but regardless this was an avoidable approach. The visuals in the movie were splendid as with all marvel movies and the score fit the action perfectly. Make sure to watch Captain Marvel this weekend and don’t forget to stay for the two epic post credit scenes!


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