A dull psychological thriller - 5/10

by The Movie Inspector

A dull psychological thriller, Greta builds on some great suspense but ultimately falls flat due to its lack of substance. Spoon feeding audiences a chunk of obvious details is never a good thing and unfortunately this movie doesn’t shy away from doing that.

The movie wastes no time and sets up the plot almost rapidly within its first act but right after that it starts delivering unnecessary explanations and repeats them for a dramatic effect that doesn’t really pay-off. A huge issue lies within the script of the movie, as even the dialogue seems out of place and really questionable. The pacing is a real problem, making a 98 minute runtime feel way longer. However, the movie’s strongest element is its suspenseful tone. ‘Greta’ follows Frances, a young woman who befriends a lonely widow only to realize that she is not what she appears to be. 

Decent performances from Isabelle Huppert and Chloe Grace Moretz couldn’t quite stick with viewers due to the weak script they were working with and poor lines being exchanged. At many different points it felt as if events were being forced in and cliche after cliche, it just gets repetitive and Boeing. The two leads share some great chemistry that helps with the buildup. Huppert brings some charm to her character and it’s always fun to watch her on screen but unfortunately by the end of the movie we’re left with nothing memorable. 

Lots of decisions taken in and for this movie didn’t make sense, like the strange soundtrack that felt completely off and made certain situations quite funny. As the movie progresses one can’t help but feel annoyed at how silly the character motivations and actions are. It eventually loses its audience, especially with its climax. This is a movie that had lots of potential but didn’t know how to use it to its advantage, and instead delivered lots of cliches. If psychological thrillers interest you then you should give it shot to see whether it does the trick for you. 


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