Escape Room

A decent mystery thriller - 5/10

by The Movie Inspector

A decent mystery thriller, Escape Room is an enjoyable movie that grabs viewers with its intriguing concept yet never pushes its narrative to anything beyond mediocrity. Despite having a fair level of suspense, the issue comes with its underdeveloped script that leads to a monotonous tone. 

The compelling introduction promises viewers an intense ride that’ll have them on the edge of their seats, guessing and searching for clues. For a short amount of time it definitely does so and really hooks viewers with its story, however soon after that the events start to get repetitive and quite predictable. Surprisingly enough and despite being aware of this, one still remains interested in the occurring events. ‘Escape Room follows six strangers who get invited to participate in an immersive escape room game only to be locked in and forced to fight for their survival’

The rooms themselves were quite interesting and featured nice setups but unfortunately the way in which the events unfold kills the mystery element and often resort to use repetitive clues and hints to aid in plot delivery. Some of the characters were fun to watch but others had a huge issue with character development, their sudden shifts in behavior and action didn’t really make sense and felt like a poor excuse to force certain plot points in. The movie clearly borrows a lot from the ‘Saw’ franchise but its puzzles aren’t as complex. 

There’s also an interesting reveal towards the climax in regards to the concept of the escape room, however the climax itself is weak and quite absurd. It felt out of place because its main purpose was to make room for a sequel, while forgetting to properly bring its plot together and end on a high note. Despite a number of flaws I can’t deny the fact that the movie is worth a viewing, and I’m sure many people will be attracted to its idea and enjoy it to a certain extent. Escape Room opens up this Thursday! 


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