Fighting with My Family

An entertaining comedy! - 8/10

by The Movie Inspector

An entertaining comedy, Fighting With My Family is an unconventional biopic that always seems to hit the right note with its excessive humor and quirky characters. It's a fun ride that showcases the rise and journey of a dedicated wrestler and her family.

Well that was unexpected! Fast, witty and fun would be the first words to come to mind when describing this movie. I was really shocked to realize how compelling this movie truly is. Writer and Director Stephan Merchant, co-creator Of ‘The Office’ Crafts a movie that’s all about its characters and the bonds they share. Almost every line put on screen guarantees a good laugh even when the circumstances are totally absurd, and that really helped make this movie memorable. ‘Fighting With My Family’ follows the journey of professional wrestler Saraya Knight aka Paige as she seeks to make a name for herself by joining the WWE.

The movie instantly grabs viewers with all its in-ring action and humorous exchanges. Regardless if you’re or aren’t a fan of wrestling, the film is simply irresistible. The story highlights the passion for wrestling that a whole family has and shows the strong bond that it results it. Despite having a comedic tone throughout its runtime, it also has its serious dramatic moments and even though they may not be that grand they still get the job done. You’ll also find yourself constantly cheering and rooting for Paige along her journey and realize that the movie has lots of heart!

When it comes to the performances, I can easily say that they were amazing. Florence Pugh does a remarkable job as Paige, and Lena Headey and Nick Frost are hilarious as the oddball parents. They really elevated the movie and provided each scene with loads of enjoyability. It’s important to note that all types of audiences can enjoy this movie as it’s a crowd pleaser. It also sets up Paige’s story from her childhood, so no need to know any background information. This is a movie that promises and delivers a good time without any compromise, so make sure to give it a shot this weekend!

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