Lahon w Habs - لهون و حبس

Step into a unique cinematic "Habs"! - 7.5/10

by SardonicA

Hats off to Shady Hanna for creating this hilarious piece of work. I'm harsh especially when it comes to Lebanese movies, because I want us to stand out in the film industry. And I assure you ,my dear readers, that this falls into the category of the best lebanese movies!

Every moment was quite enjoyable, comedy was nowhere near cheesy & lightly presented, that's all because of the naturally funny cast. They just had to be themselves, nothing was overdone.

Jad Bou Karam and Hisham Haddad were born to be side by side, there's an inexplicable harmony. "A brother from another mother". Tanya Saab has a bright future ahead of her.

Storyline was pretty great, it built up so smoothly and almost error free. I was fascinated by the cinematography, that camerawork was just epic. Also, the clever and thrilling soundtracks served each scene right. Color fixation was flawless.

The ending, solely, bummed me out a bit because I expected it to be stronger than this. That excessive repetition of the "stick" scene was unnecessary.Nonetheless, the movie was great overall and loud laughs are guaranteed.

Lahon w bass yala grab your tickets with some large buckets of popcorn and get ready to be entertained.

Highly Recommended!

P.S: Stay for the bloopers

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