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A "Paige" turner in the wrestlemania - 8/10

by SardonicA

"BLOOD, SWEAT, AND RESPECT. First two you give...Last one you fucking earn!" _Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson/SardonicA.

Based on the true story of Paige, the youngest female wrestler to ever fiercely win the Divas Championship, who had to leave everything behind to prove her worth in a cutthroat world.

I've always loved "The Rock" ever since I was a little girl, used to watch WWE just for his sake. I was a bit bummed out because he had a minor role in this, I would've loved seeing more of him. Nonetheless, he remains a goddamn legend!!!!!!

Cast was very well chosen, acting was simply spot on. Each and everyone of them did an impeccable job, especially Florence Pugh and Vince " The Sex Tape" Vaughn. (HAHA).

The storyline had zero boring moments, it flowed so smoothly and managed to arouse several sensations in us. Comedy used was epic and nowhere near cheesy, presented in a light and direct manner.

There were a bit of minor flaws here and there such as repetitive scenes and addition of dramatical effects (non-existent in the real story), BUT be sure that they were so minor that you will barely notice them. They did the movie good after all. It kick-started in a beautiful way and was wrapped us perfectly in the end.

What is your name? doesn't matter what your name is! Get off your tiny tushy and get ready for a smack down kind of movie.

Grab your tickets this week and don't forget about the popcorn.

Highly Recommended

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