Alita: Battle Angel

An acceptable Sci-Fi flick - 6/10

by The Movie Inspector

An acceptable Sci-Fi flick, Alita: Battle Angel works with an interesting idea and provides some beautiful visuals. It keeps viewers entertained with its fascinating action scenes despite having a choppy script that couldn’t deliver enough context for its plot and characters.

I won’t deny it, it was enjoyable despite some shortcomings. The movie is well paced and doesn’t allow one to feel bored thanks to its busy action sequences. It even has the ability to allow viewers to disregard the plot due to how interesting and well choreographed the action/fight sequences are. However once the plot is analyzed, the issues become clear. ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ follows a deactivated female cyborg who gets revived by a mysterious doctor and embarks on a quest of discovery without realizing the huge threats that lie ahead. 

The movie kicks off with a great first act, that sets up everything in an organized Fashion and makes its main idea clear from the start. The all star cast including Christoph Waltz, Mahershali Ali and Jennifer Connelly mainly did a great job at portraying their characters. However some others characters had some really awkward lines and exchanges. The most notable example is Alita’s relationship with Hugo which was quite odd, out of place and filled with melodramatic moments, and that just felt excessive.

An issue with the main plot line was how it presented its events, twists and turns, because they lacked coherency. Some of the scenes really created confusion with the motivations of the antagonist and well the antagonist himself. The twist or actual reveal at the end really didn’t help because it felt meaningless, it’s only purpose was to set up a sequel. Now the movie may be predictable but it doesn’t really affect the viewing experience that much because with all things considered it’s quite an enjoyable movie. I’m sure many people will enjoy this movie so make sure to give it a shot this weekend!


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