Cold Pursuit

A decent thriller - 6/10

by The Movie Inspector

A decent thriller, Cold Pursuit is a tale of revenge that makes use of dark comedy, odd characters and extreme violence to deliver its story. Though it may be entertaining and clearly defines what type of film it is from the beginning, it does feel rather dry and dull at times. 


Liam Neeson, extreme violence and cold blooded revenge, sounds like an entertaining movie right? Well for that part it most definitely is and Neeson delivered quite a good performance, and it was especially interesting to see him placed in this darkly comic world. There are some great characters and bonding but also some useless ones, such as the characters of Laura Dern and Emmy Rossum, who were nothing but wasted potential. This movie serves as a remake of ‘In order of disappearance’, a Norwegian film directed by Hans Peter Moland, who also helmed this one. ‘Cold Pursuit’ follows Nels Coxman’s journey for revenge after his only son is murdered by a powerful drug lord.

The movie has a suitable tone and clearly borrows a lot from the Coen Brother’s films and dark comedy style, as it’s almost impossible not to compare this to their numerous projects, especially ‘Fargo’. That being said, there are many flaws in the movie starting with its lack of direction. Many times throughout the movie, it just feels as if the story goes off track and doesn’t really know what to focus on. The antagonist of the movie wasn’t that interesting and most of his jokes didn’t really stick because they felt really forced and he just came out as a dry character.

Additionally, It felt as if the movie was trying too hard at times. Don’t get me wrong though, there are many hilarious scenes in the movie and some great action sequences. All of Neeson’s scenes stood out, as for the rest of the cast not that much. Surprisingly, one of the highlights of the movie was a little kid’s performance. I believe that the majority of moviegoers will enjoy this flick, and even though it’s flawed, it’s enjoyable. Make sure to give this one a shot and let me know what you think.

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