Stan & Ollie "Laurel & Hardy"

A lovely biopic - 8/10

by The Movie Inspector

A lovely biopic, Stan & Ollie does a splendid job at highlighting the ups and downs of the world’s most famous comedy duo. It’s a quick, funny and heartfelt movie that puts the two legends center stage and invites audiences to see who they truly were at heart. 

Who doesn’t love Laurel & Hardy? I mean they are simply irresistible and this movie makes sure to deliver that idea to audience members. The duo who were brilliantly portrayed by Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly light up the stage and share a natural chemistry that easily allows one to empathize with them. The laughs are abundantly present throughout its runtime and their repetition only makes one laugh even harder. ‘Stan & Ollie’ follows Laurel & Hardy on their tour of Britain along with the difficulties they face in this later stage of their career. 

First off, the movie zaps by so quickly and I can’t complain about its pacing whatsoever. It knew perfectly well how to present its material and instantly grabs the viewers attention with its opening scene, which happens to be beautifully shot in one long take, making good use of its framing, lighting and movements. The story itself really shows the bond that this duo shared and even through rough times together, they shared a great admiration for one another. I have to emphasize on how amazing the performances were. John C. Reilly really stood out and truly transformed into a picture perfect copy of Hardy.

The movie also highlights the power of friendship, forgiveness and love. It sets good examples by delving into issues that the duo faced and made it clear that honesty is the key to any successful friendship or relationship. It was a joy to watch this touching movie and I’m certain that any Laurel and Hardy fan will definitely have a blast watching this. Also, All types of viewers can enjoy this movie due to its comedic tone. So make sure to catch it this weekend and let me know what you think.


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