A Dog's Way Home

A joyless family adventure film - 3/10

by The Movie Inspector

A joyless family adventure film, A Dog’s Way Home fails at creating a compelling story and ultimately falls flat. The movie spoon feeds audiences every single line from the script and provides some catastrophic dialogue and visuals that are simply unacceptable. 

It’s truly hard to put into words how horrendous it is to watch a movie that doesn’t allow viewers to think for themselves whatsoever, but instead throws everything right in their face. Regardless of it being a family movie, there’s no excuse for it to play out in such a way that ridicules the viewer’s knowledge. It was truly a disaster from start to finish. ‘A Dog’s Way Home’ follows a female dog’s journey across miles of Colorado wilderness to get back to her owner, but not without encountering many other animals along the way and learning to survive in the wild.

For starters, the hyper fast pacing really didn’t help present the story whatsoever. No attachment is created with Bella the dog or any other human character, thus we always feels disconnected. Speaking of the human characters, their acting was so over the top that one can’t help but laugh at how horrible their performances are. Most of the jokes don’t stick, they’re either too silly or too forced. The movie aims to have viewers empathize with the dog but that’s almost impossible because of the disjointed story and unbelievable character arcs. 

Continuity errors are also present and easily noticeable. The CGI used was just awful and really made the whole film hard to be taken seriously. All of these faults brought down the movie significantly and created nothing but a difficult viewing. Now even though adult audiences won’t enjoy this, perhaps some kids could have a laugh out of it. It’s safe to say that what was meant to be a movie about man’s best friend turned out to be an empty movie that serves as a viewers worst nightmare.


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