Cold Pursuit

A dark plot greatly bedazzled by humor - 8/10

by SardonicA

Well Liam Neeson has surely upped his game with "Cold Pursuit". This is coming from a girl who is not a fan of his, yet he managed to stand out and prove her wrong!

The story of a snowplow driver who becomes devastated after the mysterious murder of his son. A search for the truth turns into a quest for revenge in a split of a second. And revenge is best served cold!

A movie that slickly combines a strong-based sense of humor with a narratively empowered type of action. Let me be a bit more clear and straight to the point, if you are fond of Quentin Tarantino's style in filmmaking as much as I am, then I assure you that this will be a YES to you. Hans Petter Moland did a wonderful job, comedy was cleverly inserted in a way that you won't see it coming. Element of surprise was all over this.

The narrative style made things a bit more exciting and fun. Acting was just impeccable, zero complaints for all the cast did quite well.

A 2-hour movie that will keep you occupied and entertained most of the time.

So get off your tushies and watch this tomorrow! Don't forget your popcorn darlings. Highly Recommended!

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