Stan & Ollie "Laurel & Hardy"

Friendships can go a long way - 6.5/10

by SardonicA

We all know Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel, the greatest comedy duo ever was. But here they shed the light on the darker side of things, the struggle they had to go through and the obstacles they needed to overcome in order to keep their show on the road.

Even though I was hoping to get a good laugh out of this but drama was mainly in control. Both John C. Reilly and Steve Coogan were more than perfect for their roles, harmonious and slick.

Storyline dragged us deeper to the negative aspects in their lives and how they handled things. Moral messages were smoothly presented throughout the movie, particularly those related to betrayal/faithfulness and strong friendships.

My favorite character was Nina Arianda hehe her hilarious accent and bland facial expressions were of an added value to the show. Loved her role!

A nostalgic storyline that will definitely move you. Grab your tickets and watch it

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