Mary Queen of Scots

A slow historical biopic - 6/10

by The Movie Inspector

A slow historical biopic, Mary Queen Of Scots is a prime example of style over substance. It manages to tell a decent story but its main issue is that it takes two formidable queens and doesn’t explore the interesting aspects of their characters. 

The movie wastes no time and instantly kicks off with its main plot line unfolding but after that, a hellish pacing arrives and brings dull events with it. However, the movie never fails to impress in terms of aesthetics, from its lavish production design, costumes, makeup and hairstyling, and gorgeous scenery. ‘Mary Queen Of Scots’ Follows Mary Stuart’s attempt to seize the throne of England from her cousin Elizabeth I, with hopes of being named her successor, but loads of challenges seek to diminish her claim to the throne.

Both Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie deliver magnificent performances that highlight the strength that each woman possessed at a time that frowned upon a woman in royal power. The only issue is that it feels as if their talent was wasted because the characters are put through dull and useless scenes that don’t really help in shaping the story. The script is the weakest aspect of this movie since it fails to create any attachment with its character, nor does it set up any interesting events to indicate the achievements of each queen but rather only implies it. 

The most powerful moment in the film comes towards the climax where a confrontation between the two queens occurs, and all emotion and power is displayed through the standout performances of our lead actresses. If only the drama in the movie played out as it did in that scene then this whole experience would’ve been memorable. Finally, Max Richter’s brilliant soundtrack elevates every single scene and helps set the tone. It’s worth a watch just to witness the performances of these amazing actresses, so if you decide to give it a shot make sure to send me your feedback.


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