On the Basis of Sex

Mother by nature and rebellious by choice! - 6/10

by SardonicA

Based on the true story of a struggling attorney, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which like every other woman falls victim of social and gender discrimination; but unlike the others she decides to prove her worth among men!

Justin Theroux was quite convincing, loved him in this one. And Armie Hammer delivered the performance of a lifetime! He just has it all, the full package. Talk about charisma, sharp eyes, wit, & deeply profound articulation skills. He'll mesmerize you in a split of a second. As for Felicity Jones, she left me ambivalent because her acting was okay but not POWERFUL enough to be in Ruth's shoes.

Story was wonderfully depicted in the sense of direction, cinematography, & soundtracks. It had potential to sweep us off our feet, but it failed to do so because it came out a bit weak and bland. I didn't feel empowered by Felicity's performance until the very last scene since the whole thing felt a bit dreary.

I need to you go watch it and let's have a little chat. Grab your tickets and some popcorn.


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