An enticing biopic! - 8/10

by The Movie Inspector

An enticing biopic, Vice does a splendid job at telling its story through a comedic tone in a world shrouded by politics, power and corruption. Dick Cheney’s character is well developed and the movie provides enough insight to help viewers familiarize with this political figure.

An all star cast, an intriguing story and loads of comedy, what’s there not to like about this movie? It’s level of enjoyment comes from the way it’s presented, as this engaging movie that seeks to highlight the abuse of power in the chaotic world of politics. The way the narrative works to be a mockery and at times self mockery instantly grabs the viewers attention. ‘Vice’ follows Dick Cheney’s rise to power across different stages of his political career, leading up to his role as Vice President under George W. Bush’s presidency.

Christian Bale who completely transforms into Cheney does a marvelous and believable job with his portrayal, but it is also the supporting cast that shines in this movie. Amy Adams who plays his loyal wife and Sam Rockwell who just so hilariously portrays President Bush manages to steal every scene he’s in. Not to forget Steve Carell’s great performance. Writer and Director Adam McKay knew how to present his story in a rather unconventional way in order to make it unique and memorable, and I believe it did the trick. The back and forth jumps in time within the structure and use of narration felt necessary to tell this story and simply added to the movie’s enjoyability. 

There are many chilling scenes in the movie but the most powerful ones show just how one’s sense of morality is susceptible to negatively change when presented with power. Viewers who aren’t really familiar with Cheney won’t find it difficult to pick up on all the events because the script is organized and well presented onscreen. Perhaps my only complaint on the movie would be that it felt rather prolonged. What I can say without a doubt though is that it definitely deserves its eight oscar nominations and will definitely go on to win a few of them. Make sure to catch Vice this weekend because you really don’t want to miss out!


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