A slow burn thriller - 7/10

by The Movie Inspector

A slow burn thriller, Destroyer is a tale of vengeance that is presented through a raw and mysterious narrative, and carried by Nicole Kidman’s powerhouse performance. It’s a gripping movie that delivers satisfaction despite creating some confusion with its structure.

First off, Nicole Kidman’s transformation for her role in this movie is truly incredible and her performance is absolutely mesmerizing. The sheer emotion and power displayed in her acting is simply exceptional and helped shape her character, and provide her with enough depth. ‘Destroyer’ follows a worn out police detective who revisits an old undercover assignment of hers to make peace with the demons that have haunted her.

The movie does follow a rather grim story but never allows viewers to lose focus. However, some confusion is created at times, especially with the first act but that is justified later on throughout the movie even though it could’ve been avoided. I also thought that we required more insight into the antagonist’s motivations. Despite this, the movie manages to connect the dots and create an interesting plot to follow. The dark and often disturbing mood of the movie also helped elevate the story. The movie goes back and forth within its timeline and this allows it to further explain the detective’s past mistakes and serve as a character study. 

The most intense scenes in the movie come with Kidman’s moments of silence and solo interactions with different characters. Additionally, the action sequences created a great level of suspense. Themes of retribution and greed are touched on and the movie also highlights the importance of making peace with your past instead of letting it destroy your future. The climax of the movie was just so satisfying and provided the character with a fitting conclusion. I advise everyone Interested to watch this movie and witness Nicole Kidman’s oscar worthy performance. Destroyer comes out in theaters this Thursday!


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