An underwhelming thriller - 6/10

by The Movie Inspector

An underwhelming thriller, Glass shines through its stars’ performances but stumbles upon an unsteady narrative that drags on for far too long. It delivers some decent entertainment but lacks the proper momentum to take the movie to the next level.

First off, after 2000’s ‘Unbreakable’ and 2016’s ‘Split’ I had huge expectations and got really excited for this movie, especially with the return of Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis, unfortunately the movie doesn’t quite reach the level of its predecessors. Despite this, the movie has some great moments and interesting characters, yet feels as if it’s missing proper plot development. ‘Glass’ follows David Dunn’s encounter with Kevin Wendell Crumb, whose superhuman persona of the beast has been wrecking terror, as Mr. Glass puts into play a dark plan that will affect all three of them. 

When it comes down to the characters, I can easily say that each one of the lead actors did a marvelous job at portraying them and undoubtedly made this movie enjoyable. Samuel L. Jackson’s Mr. Glass is just an evil mastermind that never fails to impress. Despite this, the movie is brought down by an overly draggy script that Mr. Shyamalan presents us with. Over half the runtime is spent on the build up that doesn’t really pay off thanks to a chaotic third act, that introduces a certain ‘twist’ which is quite unnecessary and bizarrely included. At least for me, it didn’t do the trick and felt terribly out of place whereas it could’ve taken a different approach to create a more suitable event. 

Despite his many faults, Mr. Shyamalan does connect some dots with the previous two films and helps unify this trilogy. The problem is that it goes on and on with endless explanations that are not needed and this creates a gloomy mood. The movie builds on such a great idea surrounding these superheroes but is poorly executed and creates lots of confusion. If only he took a different approach with this movie we could’ve had ourselves a truly memorable one. Now I believe that this movie will surely divide and I strongly advise everyone who’s interested to watch it. At the end of the day it does a satisfactory job and is watchable. 


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