The Mule

A decent crime thriller - 6/10

by The Movie Inspector

A decent crime thriller, The Mule is carried by Clint Eastwood’s riveting performance but brought down by a mediocre script. It serves as a character study that highlights the sense of regret and self-reflection that comes with aging, and above all the importance of family.

First off, I have to applaud Mr. Eastwood who proves what a capable actor he is even at 88 years old. As for the movie, it has a whole lot of funny moments and tense scenes but still doesn’t quite hit the right note and this is mainly due to its weak script. It is Eastwood who elevates the movie and brings heart to a character that is rejected. ‘The Mule’ follows a 90 year old horticulturist who finds himself working as a drug mule for the Mexican cartel without realizing the mess he got himself into. 

Eastwood who also directed this movie has some great shots and created a fairly good tone for the movie but it doesn’t quite match the level of his previous work. The movie starts off too fast and leads to some pacing issues once the first act is over. Some of the characters felt really detached and irrelevant to the story. The dialogue and interactions between most of the cast was quite awkward. However, Earl is the only character who doesn’t have a dull moment on screen and makes the movie worth watching. 

I thought the most powerful scenes in the movie came towards the climax and really gave the movie a meaningful ending that suits it perfectly. The movie has some emotional depth to it which is present in its calmly unfolding narrative. The themes of regret, self-reflection and family are well represented and help further layer the movie. Despite having its ups and downs, the movie gets the job done, so make sure to give it a shot as soon as it comes out on Thursday and let me know what you think!


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