All the Devil's Men

A disaster from start to finish! - 2/10

by The Movie Inspector

A dry action film, All The Devil’s Men packs nothing but a predictable plot, horrible acting and demotivated characters. It lacks out on any form of entertainment and ends up telling a story that everyone’s seen a million times over, only this time it forgets to even set it up!

Well if I am to be completely honest, the movie was a disaster from start to finish. It starts out by expecting its viewers to have had full background knowledge on all characters and events occurring, and does a horrible job at getting one invested because we simply don’t understand what is happening for a chunk of the runtime in the movie. ‘All The Devil’s Men’ follows a bounty hunter on his mission to capture a rogue CIA operative who wishes to obtain some weapons of mass destruction.

The movie really comes out empty handed, having no impressive quality to attract viewers. A boring narrative with an overly predictable plot and terribly cheesy dialogue does not help whatsoever. The acting is just too difficult to process because it’s far too horrible. The characters had zero chemistry, all of them were detached and they contradicted their own words and actions at every given turn and ended up going in many different paths that never had clear directions. Above all the action sequences must’ve been the worst ones I’ve seen all year.

Director Matthew Hope’s choice of shots is truly puzzling, from long shots that add absolutely nothing to the story to jump cuts and simple framing that just confuse viewers. As for the plot, i’m not so sure there was a solid one. I mean it just pushes in random events, mentions subplots that are never even touched on and ends with a climax that really contradicts the whole direction the movie was headed in. Well this is definitely one of the worst movies of the year and nothing could save it from its amateurish level of filmmaking.


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