Mary Poppins Returns

A harmonious adventure with Mary Poppins that packs a whole lot of fun, music and heart! - 8/10

by The Movie Inspector

A heartfelt family movie, Mary Poppins Returns is a worthy sequel that pays great tribute to the 1964 classic. It’s a harmonious adventure with Mary Poppins that packs a whole lot of fun, music and heart while maintaining a smooth pace that keeps viewers entertained.

I have to begin by saying that this movie does such a good job at returning to its world after being away for over 50 years. It was just so satisfying to revisit cherry tree lane and witness all the magic once again! ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ follows The titular character as she revisits the Banks family years later to help take care of Michael’s children, who are having a difficult childhood due to an unfortunate situation.

Emily Blunt who portrays Mary Poppins this time around does a marvelous job at embodying the practically perfect character, and brings back the quirky attitude that makes her so memorable. She did a great job at filling Julie Andrew’s shoes and might even receive a few nominations this awards season. Lin-Manuel Miranda and Meryl Streep also shined in their roles and really elevated the movie. Even though it’s inspired by its predecessor it does take a fresh new turn on its material and provides a simple yet engaging story that’ll definitely move viewers. 

Visually, the movie is beautiful and features such a widely colorful palette that glows on screen. Many of the songs were great, although some were quite forgettable. The tone of the film as a whole is undoubtedly charming and really proves to be enjoyable. There’s loads of comedy, a story that’ll satisfy all family members and epic cameos. I believe that this is the movie to watch during this holiday season, so make sure to catch it as of next Thursday! Don’t forget to grab your tickets from now, spit spot!




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