Visually stunning and masterfully crafted! - 8/10

by The Movie Inspector

An entertaining superhero film, Aquaman is visually stunning and masterfully crafted! Shot after shot, director James Wan takes us through an epic journey across Atlantis and the seven seas while delivering a story that flows so smoothly and joyfully.

After witnessing this movie on the big screen, I can easily say that it’s a huge step forward for DC. It just feels solid and coherent, something that most of their previous movies couldn’t achieve. It’s a fun ride that perfectly balances its action and humor while highlighting the importance of family and nature of power. ‘Aquaman’ follows Arthur Curry as he’s faced with his true destiny of becoming heir to Atlantis. However he must find a way to fight off the threats that could threaten the land and harm his people. 

This movie is such a beautiful cinematic experience filled with vibrant colors, excellent cinematography and tremendous fight sequences. Director James Wan really payed great attention to the composition of his shots and ended up with something remarkable. In terms of story, it builds on a clear and structured one that has enough reason to exist and work out. Most of the characters were great, King Orm was a formidable villain and Black Manta was well adapted. However, it is Jason Momoa who shines and proves that he was born to play aquaman as he is undoubtedly charismatic. 

Minor flaws are present in the film where at times it feels like unnecessary events are occurring to further lengthen the runtime, but they don’t really affect the overall experience. I think that comic book fans will really enjoy this movie and restore their faith in the DCEU films. So Make sure to catch Aquaman in cinemas this weekend and preferably in IMAX because it deserves to be seen on the biggest screen, and let me know what you think!


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