Ben is Back

You shouldn't have showed up Ben! - 6/10

by SardonicA

We were all thrilled that Julia Roberts was finally back on the big screen, but sadly this movie didn't do her any justice.

A story that follows a drug addict teenage boy who goes back home on Christmas Eve to be with the family. As his mother monitors him around the clock to make sure he doesn't use again, she discovers new truths along the way.

The only couple of things I liked (though not strong enough) were how they took us through the journey of a drug addict. What they suffer, compromise, and feel under the influence of drugs. Plus the sentimental aspect in some scenes.

As for the rest of it, it failed on so many levels. Julia was "overqualified" for such a role. Lucas Hedges was not very convincing with his acting. Storyline was just all over the place, we felt detached several times. And the ending just ruined my experience!

I'll leave this one up to you

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