Creed II

An energetic and exciting sports drama! - 7.5/10

by The Movie Inspector

An energetic sports drama, Creed II is a strong sequel that amps up the level of excitement and delivers terrific fight sequences that allow the film to raise its stakes. It’s an emotional ride that highlights the legacy of the past while showcasing the dynamic journey of its protagonist. 

The movie is undoubtedly entertaining and packs quite a punch when it comes to its superb fight sequences. It does well on giving Creed and Rocky solid character arcs that have proper drive and motivation as the movie flows. ‘Creed II’ follows Adonis Creed as he’s about to face off against Viktor Drago while longtime rivalries and unsettled conflicts are about to be put into play. 

For the most part, the movie is constantly busy and creates an exciting atmosphere that has viewers completely invested and ready for more. However, the movie does have some faults that range from a predictable plot, pacing issues and quite a weak antagonist. The character of Viktor Drago is underdeveloped and his presence in the film is not really threatening. The film could’ve worked harder on turning him into a menacing character rather than presenting him as a mindless badass who has mommy and daddy issues. These faults though are overshadowed by the lively tone of the film that never allows viewers to feel bored.

The film really does a great job at showing the enduring journey of a champion. Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson and Sylvester Stallone deliver noteworthy performances and share lots of emotional moments in the film that it  allows it to have lots of heart, like most of the entries in the ‘Rocky’ film series. Additionally, the soundtrack was on point and perfectly aided in showcasing the film’s events. I’m certain that most people will enjoy this movie due to its approach, so make sure to give it a shot because it’s well worth your time!


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