An exceptional crime thriller! - 8.5/10

by The Movie Inspector

An exceptional crime thriller, Widows works on building an original and solid story through its well developed characters. It touches on a number of social injustice issues ranging from racism, sexism and corruption, and thoroughly projects the various consequences to each heinous action.

To begin with, ‘Widows’ is a greatly entertaining movie that’ll surely be a top contender this awards season. It does well on keeping its viewers intrigued and delivers excellent performances from its all star cast, especially that of Viola Davis, Elizabeth Debecki and Daniel Kaluuya. The movie follows four recently widowed women who come together to pull off a heist in order to pay off a debt their late husbands left them with, while taking into consideration all the numerous challenges that lie ahead.

The movie has quite a unique premise to it and plays out on a very smooth narrative that allows one to fully understand each character’s motivations and accept their desperation. Steve McQueen is able to create the perfect world for such a story as everything from the movie’s tone, characterization and symbolism is well thought of. Despite a few mishaps and questionable decisions in the script, it manages to go full circle by the climax and keep viewers invested in a suspenseful movie.

The biggest achievement in this movie though is the way it balances all its different social issues and not seem excessive. It has it all, from racism, crime, corruption, gender inequality, police brutality and class. All seem to work well together and elevate its story even further. Not to mention how it manages to maintain a high level of intrigue while serving as a thought provoking film. Make sure to watch this movie this weekend because it’s well worth a viewing, and don’t forget to send me your feedback!


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